• Inland shipping agrees to substantially reduce CO2

    On Thursday 12th of April, the ‘Declaration of Nijmegen’ was signed by a lead group of twenty parties who declared to accelerate the greening of the inland shipping sector. Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, also signed and made clear that ‘speed is required’. The authorities and businesses that also signed promise to do everything in their power to reduce CO2 emissions in inland shipping by 20 percent by 2030.
  • Saving time, fuel and money with open data on the waterway

    In the future, by having an immediate overview of current and planned bridge openings, skippers – simply by adjusting their speed - no longer have to lay idle for no reason. And there is no need to look for a berth or to relocate later, as there is real-time information available of berths in the port. Also bridge openings can be aligned with each other to minimize road traffic disruption – thus saving time, fuel, money and causing less air pollution. Lilian Froitzheim-Leijs (Provincie of Zuid-Holland) and Martijn van Hengstum (Rijkswaterstaat) will present these and more waterway innovations during the workshop ‘How open data can help you plan a better and cleaner journey’.
  • Unique (electric) boat trip

    We have organised a boat trip on the Waal River where you will have a beautiful view over the city of Nijmegen, its bridges, the nature reserve ‘the Ooijpolder’ and the new island and its secondary channel in the Waal.
  • Mayor Hubert Bruls welcomes you to Nijmegen

    On behalf of the Green Capital City of Nijmegen the Mayor personally invites you to visit the Ports and the City conference.
  • CLINSH project monitoring phase begins

    Antwerp – On 27 October 2017, the ‘Start to measure’ event of the project CLean INland SHipping (CLINSH) project attracted around 90 participants in the Port House of Antwerp. CLINSH partners, stakeholders and the selected skippers, as well as Mr. Bruno Georges, the Secretary General of the CCNR in Strasbourg, participated in this networking event with the press and the inland navigation sector.
  • Serious game ‘bridge control’ in South Holland

    Have you ever wondered about all the things bridge operators need to keep an eye on to make sure they can safely open and close a bridge? Or what if feels like to operate an 85-metre-long inland waterway vessel?
  • ‘Transport will be a total different concept in the future’

    The Netherlands’ national energy commissioner Ruud Koornstra makes no bones about it: ‘Holland is an unbelievably smart country. Technology is widely available and business cases are too good to be true. Now we must mobilize and implement so we can start to make serious progress with zero emissions in the transport sector. That’s what this ‘Ports and the City; Smart and Healthy’ conference has to offer.’
  • Smart mobility solutions connect city and harbour in Antwerp

    The ‘Smart ways to Antwerp’ programme has proposed 18 new mobility projects that are to be rolled out in the near future with the city of Antwerp’s support. The projects are investing in smart mobility solutions for the Antwerp region. Some of the solutions include tools to simplify planning and ways to avoid congestion, including transport by water.
  • Greener and cleaner, together

    "Inland waterway transport is an indispensable asset for the smooth flow of freight between mainports such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zeeland and Antwerp and the European hinterland. Three out of nine corridors in the Trans European Network for Transport originate or end in the Netherlands. The European Green Capital of 2018, Nijmegen, is located on one of these, on the Rhine-Alpine corridor.
  • Chair Deirdre Casella enlarges the shared space

    When groups of people come together to address complex social, technical and environmental challenges, my role as facilitator is to foster and enlarge the shared space in which individuals’ ideas and expertise can be expressed, explored and connected for greatest potential impac
  • Three Inspiring Topics

    During the Ports and the City conference three main topics will be discussed trough plenary sessions and workshops.
  • Nijmegen: 2018 European Green Capital

    On Saturday 20 January, Nijmegen officially became the green capital of Europe. During a festive gathering in the Stevenskerk, the deputy mayor of Essen (Germany) transferred the title to his fellow mayor Bruls of Nijmegen. Nijmegen is the first Dutch city to hold the title for a year.
  • Mayor Bruls of European Green Capital Nijmegen

    “A future-proof inland waterway sector is a sustainable and clean sector and ports can play a significant role in achieving this.” On 12 April 2018 Nijmegen mayor Bruls will open the international two-day congress `Ports and the City; Smart and Healthy’ in his own city, European Green Capital for 2018.