• Chair Deirdre Casella enlarges the shared space

    When groups of people come together to address complex social, technical and environmental challenges, my role as facilitator is to foster and enlarge the shared space in which individuals’ ideas and expertise can be expressed, explored and connected for greatest potential impac

    Opening by chair Deirdre Casella

    With nearly 25 years of professional facilitation experience, I have spent the past 18 years in the international water, sanitation and hygiene services (WASH) sector working with policy makers, practitioners and end-users to develop approaches and solutions that are inclusive and sustainable. In my work as trainer, facilitator and programme manager I collaborated with colleagues from UN agencies, regional and national development institutions, international philanthropic agencies, civil society organisations and local and national governments in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

    I currently work as International Liaison Officer of an international social science research infrastructure hosted the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and am completing my doctoral research dissertation on the role of social learning processes in rural water services delivery at Delft University of Technology.