• Saving time, fuel and money with open data on the waterway

    In the future, by having an immediate overview of current and planned bridge openings, skippers – simply by adjusting their speed - no longer have to lay idle for no reason. And there is no need to look for a berth or to relocate later, as there is real-time information available of berths in the port. Also bridge openings can be aligned with each other to minimize road traffic disruption – thus saving time, fuel, money and causing less air pollution. Lilian Froitzheim-Leijs (Provincie of Zuid-Holland) and Martijn van Hengstum (Rijkswaterstaat) will present these and more waterway innovations during the workshop ‘How open data can help you plan a better and cleaner journey’.

    Their organizations are among the partners of ‘Blauwe Golf Verbindend (BGV)’ and ‘The Blue Wave connects’ and try to optimize the service to waterway and road users through the use of innovative technology and smart cooperation.

    Together, the partners of these programmes realized smart mobility solutions (like RiverGuide) for reliable, current information about bridge openings and available berths in ports. This successful cooperation extends constantly with more partner-Governments. 

    Necessity to share and combine the data we have
    In the Netherlands there are many waterway administrators. In order to accomplish a smooth and safe passage (as described above) on the waterways, we need to share and combine the data we have. The BGV is in the process of doing just that, creating a single coherent flow of data. Traffic control centers, ports, and shippers can combine the BGV information with real-time information about the location, direction, and speed of vessels to achieve optimal fine tuning.

    Because waterway management made the first move, other parties can now use the information. The data can be used by users/carriers/shippers in order to optimize their logistics process and make it sustainable.

    Workshop ‘How open data can help you plan a better and cleaner journey’
    In the workshop ‘How open data can help you plan a better and cleaner journey’ we talk about the accessible techniques we use to reach our goals. We want to build a Nationwide system and perhaps work together with neighboring countries.

    Also, we are very curious as to which data you need in order to:

    - get the ports and the city more aligned with each other
    - to distribute the goods as efficiently and clean as possible

    Which parties are interested in using our data?
    Please join us in this discussion!

    13th of April 2018 from 10.45 am – 11.45 am Lilian Froitzheim-Leijs and Martijn van Hengstum.

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